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I´m proud to present some photos and videos from our Family trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles. 16 days of exploring and chill did this vacation to something to remember.

Started out after three nights in San Francisco. Our Pathfinder took us on Highway 1 all the way down to LA. We stayed three nights along the way, in Monterey, Morro Bay and Santa Barbara. All those places was great in different ways. We ended the trip with 10days in Los Angeles, visiting our friends i Hollywood.

The photos are is not in order, they just randomized cause I think it's gives a more dynamic feeling. In the bottom you find two edited movies from the trip. You want color?, just press colorize in the menu.

We also had a blog were I wrote down what happened everyday, so if you interested to see and learn more enter our road blog We used this hashtag on instagram #lybeckUS